Transparency & Values

We are exclusively and unaffiliated with other websites, nor any other site posing as drpen-usa, or US.drpen, or US warehouse etc.

Our company is American owned and operated & we are passionate about our customers. Client satisfaction & appreciation are cemented in our values & our goal is to reach beyond your expectations offering unique solutions to beauty.

We are concerned about non US companies making false advertisements to our clients and potential buyers. In this case we encourage you to email: for transparency and more information.

If you have purchased from a non affiliated company we may be unable to assist you in returns or order related issues. However we do welcome you to reach out to our Aesthetic team.

Meanwhile for order related questions please email 
and we will respond asap during normal USA business hours. 

If you have purchased from another website and are encountering issues with your purchase please contact  We can offer information regarding piracy, FTC rules and regulations, and our commitment to Transparency.

For technical support please refer to the technical support number included in your package insert. 

We are looking forward to connecting with you soon.