Dr. pen® A1

Dr. pen® A1 3 Face & Body wireless w/ 2pcs 12 series tips

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Dr. pen A1 Classic performance,w/ 2 pieces 12 series cartridges
Original 3.0 for longest & most professional result in the Dr. pen® lineup.

Adjustable max setting.
2 pieces 12 pin series tips included.”Certified EO Sterile”

Excellent control & most results oriented. Perfect for pits, pock marks, & most intense reversal of appearance wrinkles.  Professional anti-aging. 
Facial & body application.

Kit includes:
1 A1 pen with high speed motor up to 16000 RPM
2 pieces sterile 12 pin tips with Bayonet metal spring back cartridges for quality & function.
Self charging for wireless use & cords for wired connected use all included.
Travel case & instructions guide.

A1 3.0 36 series tips 10 pcs

A1 3.0 36 series tips 10 pcs

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Dr. pen A1 Classic 3.0 performance,
10 pieces 36 series cartridges

Adjustable max 3.0
Appearance of pits, lines, marks.


Dr. pen® A1 classic and original.  The Dr. pen A1 3.0 is the beginning of our story.  Skillfully designed for maximum effectiveness.  Full range dial offer maximum microneedling professional results at home.

Add the Dr. pen A1 12 series needle pin tips for all over anti aging, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, lines, and combination therapy.

Or try the Dr. pen A1 36 series tips for spot application of all of the above and specifically scarmarks, bodystretch-marks, deep-pits-pocks, and other strong irregularities needing improvement.