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Original Dr. pen® M8 microneedling derma kit w/ 10 pieces facial & body anti aging, hair loss, & collagen tips.
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Original Dr. pen M8 Wireless kit w/ 10 pcs 16 series tips
34 gauge (0.18) thinnest
Includes 10 pieces total 16 pin type cartridge tips.
Certified EO Sterile microneedling tips for your peace of mind.
Genuine Dr. pen M8 offers application of largest area coverage, precision, no sticking, & best glide. All inclusive kit that is easy to use and great for travel!

Eye brightening, overall anti age, wrinkle appearance smoothing,  hair loss volume improvement. Approved by Women & Men as effective with immediate improvement and long term cumulative results.

How it works: Collagen inducing microchannels for luminous glow, derma healing processes as a resurfacing, regenerating, anti aging solution. 

Skin Types:
Women & Men, thin, aging, mature, dry, fines lines, uneven complexion,

If you are looking for the best function, travel friendly, & thin gauge cartridges then the M8 is the right choice. LED Display, and straight forward components, the M8 is the most popular beauty expert approved Dr. pen kit!

Visible results from cosmetic microneedling with your new Dr. pen M8 may include:
Improved skin texture appearance. Pore reduction appearance, Hyperpigmentation & photo sun damage evening. Improved skin tone, pock-scar marks, body mark appearance. Smoothing finest lines, Wrinkle & acne marks targeting. Stretch-marks reduction. Restoring vibrance to dull dehydrated lackluster skin.

Dr. pen®Ultima A6 Pro Deluxe kit w/ 22 pcs microneedling face & body, wrinkle removal, hair loss & stretch marks kit.
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Dr.pen® Ultima A6 microneedling kit / 22 Pcs tips / Peoples Choice, & Best Value.
Includes: 22 pcs mixed  Nano, 36, 12 series “Certified Sterile by EO Sterilization Process”

5 Speed up to 16000 RPM
2 x wireless tops = 6 hours wireless application
1 x corded top = unlimited application
22 pieces variety tips for up to 1 year supply

Full Professional Pen kit, w/ Best mix of Nano & Pin tips (year supply included)
Best Pro Kit Appearance of pits / marks / wrinkles / permanent makeup/ Hair improvement, "Edges" Restoration.

If you're looking for the best multi functional microneedling kit with most variety, wireless & corded, this Ultima A6 is it. Classic functionality with an abundance of cartridge types for multi application face, body, & hair! All in one "smart" package.

Dr. pen® Original microneedling A6s wrinkle remover, bb glow, hair loss & collagen / brightening kit w/ 6 pcs tips.
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Try our newest Original Dr. pen A6s wireless microneedling kit.
Dr. pen A6s thin gauge tips offer appearance improvement including pores / texture / pigment / fine lines / facial & body application. A6s it also great for hair line & scalp. Volume restoring and plumping with derma healing technology.

Dr. pen A6s Full kit with 6 pieces thin gauge cartridge pin tips.
LED Speed Display / 6 Speed control
Secured Screw Cartridge for maximum control and precision.
2 x wireless pen tops, 1 x corded pen tops.
6 hours wireless application.

Skin Types:
Thin, aging, mature, dry.

If you are looking for a multi component pen with extended battery life along with thin gauge cartridges then the A6s is for you. LED Display and memory function, the A6s has the most robust Dr. pen microneedling features in the lineup.

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Your skin is our passion. Dr. pen® microneedling cosmetic system is a solution for all skin types, While all models function in similar fashion, there are some unique design features that make each pen most effective for specific applications. 

Sun damage, fine lines, pock marks, facial & body applications,

Our aestheticians can guide you. 

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Best experience. Thank yall sooo much to your team for helping me with my old pen, and all your suggestions on my new pen and perfect choice.

Angie T.

Works good, and I was able to afford it versus going to the office... I could do repeat treatments so my results got better.


I had an issue with another purchase and you guys answered all my questions.  Thank you for being real..